I choose you!

One of the greatest aspects of the gargantuan world of Xenoblade Chronicles was the fantastic beasts that populated it. Many of them like the creatures you might find in a game like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, one couldn't help but marvel at their creative design and frightening power. Who could forget that first run through Gaur Plains, encountering creatures dozens of levels their superior? Sadly, there was no way to learn anything more about the magnificent monsters, but it looks like Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to rectify that.

Answering some questions on Twitter yesterday, Koh Kojima - a lead designer and writer for the game - explained one of the new features of Xenoblade Chronicles X. A new enemy encyclopedia / monster guide, perhaps an extension of the collectopaedia if there's one in this game, is set to make an appearance. Featuring 3D models of all monsters the player encounters on the long quest, it'll also have a list of the items that are dropped by the monsters when defeated. Kojima-san explained that something like this was planned for Xenoblade Chronicles, but couldn't be implemented due to time constraints. Perhaps referring to this, he hinted that there could be a similar guide of some sort making its way into Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

Are you excited by this tidbit of news? Are you going to go out and try to collect 'em all? Sound off in the comments below.

[source neogaf.com]