Gunman Clive Screen

Gunman Clive was a notable success on 3DS when released in late 2012 / early 2013, often cited by Nintendo as a positive example for the eShop. Developer Bertil Hörberg, who's consistently open about the performance of his game, has now given an update on its sales progress so far.

As you can see below it's confirmed to have sold over 400,000 units across all platforms, excluding bundle offers.

In answers to subsequent tweets Hörberg clarifies that over 80% of those sales are on 3DS, with the overall regional split being "43% America, 40% Japan and 17% EU". As for the excellent sequel Gunman Clive 2, it's naturally comfortably outselling its predecessor since its recent launch but nevertheless gave the original "a nice bump".

It's pleasing to see success stories like this on the 3DS eShop, with these games finding a strong balance of refined gameplay and a low, impulse-buy price.

Are you a fan of the Gunman Clive games or planning to take the plunge to try them out? Let us know.

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