Bravely Second Screen

Bravely Second is rapidly approaching release in Japan, the long-awaiting sequel to the 3DS Square Enix RPG; due to the success of that first title localisation does seem like a reasonable bet.

A relatively popular part of the first title was management of the town Norende - through StreetPass and uploading data over WiFi - which you'd build up from scratch. Bravely Second brings the same idea back, although this time it is set within the protagonist Magnolia's hometown, situated on the moon.

Similarly to Bravely Default, you will be able to send and receive enemies to and from fellow players - Demon Kings will invade your base and you fight them in order to obtain rare rewards.

Important base weapons for lowering the levels and difficulties of the Demon Kings are Busterships; a single shot from a Bustership will be allowed at a time, however friends can provide additional Busterships to help you with your cause. You can now even level up your Busterships to help decrease the level of the Demon further, as well as decreasing the required cooling down time between shots.

Bravely Second will be released in Japan on April 23rd, 2015; are you hoping this'll come to the West later in 2015?

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