Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - known as Monster Hunter 4 G in Japan - will be one of the most demanding and challenging games released on the 3DS this year. Despite its tough level of difficulty and uncompromising approach, though, it's a game with a humorous side; there's no better celebration for defeating an enormous beast than to prance around in glee.

Poses, peculiar characters and goofy dialogue all show this lighter aspect of the series, and in Japan it's often the cute representation that is popular. It's such a sales phenomenon in the country that every year Capcom even hosts an enormous get-together and festival for fans, 'Monster Hunter Festa'; this year's festivities will be another chance for fans and the game's creators to celebrate the franchise.

Capcom has now released two special 3DS HOME themes in Japan that are only available until 16th February, just to celebrate this year's event. The videos for these are worth a look, just to show how the series and the event are portrayed in Capcom's homeland; the guitar riff in the second video is something to behold.

Alas, we're doubtful these will see the light of the day in the West. We live in hope, regardless, and it'll be interesting to see whether Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can achieve the best results yet for the series in the West.