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As another week heads to a conclusion Nintendo of America is serving up its next batch of eShop treats, and there's certainly decent variety this time around. We have another Wii title on the eShop, the latest Atlus-published releases, some other intriguing Wii U downloads, a Virtual Console gunner and discounts. Plenty to consider, so let's get to it.

Missed the Nintendo Download news earlier this week? Dry those eyes, the details are right here.

Wii U eShop

Citizens of Earth (Atlus, $11.99 until 27th January, then $14.99) - Originally a promising Kickstarter campaign that fell short, this project by Eden Industries was then picked up by Atlus. With a charming visual style and humorous approach, this RPG has you gather civilians to assist you, the Vice President of the World. It looks wacky and full of potential, and we'll let you know what we think in our review.

Punch-Out!! (Nintendo, $9.99 until 29th January, then $19.99) - A Wii gem from Next Level Games that established the developer's reputation for successfully reviving franchises. This follows the basic template of its SNES and NES predecessors, with an attractive art-style and compulsive gameplay to enjoy. We awarded this a knock-out 9/10 in our Punch-Out!! review.

Breezeblox (Pugsley LLC, $9.99) - A puzzle title with 150 levels, your goal is to make it to the end of cube-based stages while triggering environmental aids and admiring the bright colours. In principal this reminds us a little of the brilliant EDGE, so we'll take a look from all sides and see how it stacks up in a review.

Midnight (Petite Games, $1.99) - This looks like a relatively simple title that utilises the GamePad, albeit with a rather charming silhouette art style. Described as a 'golf-like' game, you guide a fairy through 28 stages in as few-moves as possible; we'll let you know what we think in a review.

Wii U Virtual Console

S.C.A.T. (Natsume, $4.99) - Not typically the kind of game associated with Natsume, but this is a fast-paced and enjoyable shoot 'em up, with various weapon power-ups and the ability to adjust the aim of the turrets. It's a fun 8-bit title — with co-op — in which you shoot everything in sight, which we rather enjoyed in our S.C.A.T. review.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Super Toy Cars (Eclipse Games, $3.99 until 29th January, normally $7.99)

Darts Up (EnjoyUp Games, $1.49 until 19th February, normally $2.49)

3DS eShop

Citizens of Earth (Atlus, $11.99 until 27th January, then $14.99) - The same game as on Wii U but on the go.

Undead Storm Nightmare (G-Style, $4.99) - A sequel to the fun DSiWare shooter, in this title you blast away zombies from a top-down perspective while looking to level-up your weapons and abilities. This introduces Nightmare Time and retains the four-player local co-op that came before - we were fans of the original and will let you know what we think of this new entry soon.

3DS Virtual Console

S.C.A.T. (Natsume, $4.99) - The same as on the Wii U Virtual Console, albeit you can play it while out and about.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Retro City Rampage DX (Vblank Entertainment, $6.99 until 29th January, normally $9.99)

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival (Konami, $12.99 from 24th January to 6th February, normally $19.99)

3DS Demo

Undead Storm Nightmare (G-Style, free)

In addition Nintendo is running the second edition of its Throwback Sale with six games on offer - as the details emerged a few hours after these update listings we've written them up here for your reading pleasure.

That's the line-up for this week in North America. Let us know what you'll be downloading in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (357 votes)

  1. Citizens of Earth (Wii U eShop)10%
  2. Punch-Out!! (Wii U eShop)41%
  3. Breezeblox (Wii U eShop)  0.3%
  4. Midnight (Wii U eShop)  0%
  5. S.C.A.T. (Wii U Virtual Console)1%
  6. Super Toy Cars (Wii U eShop temporary discount)1%
  7. Darts Up (Wii U eShop temporary discount)  0.3%
  8. Citizens of Earth (3DS eShop)6%
  9. Undead Storm Nightmare (3DS eShop)1%
  10. S.C.A.T. (3DS Virtual Console)2%
  11. Retro City Rampage DX (3DS eShop temporary discount)5%
  12. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival (3DS eShop temporary discount)  0.3%
  13. Just the Undead Storm Nightmare demo for me2%
  14. I'll check out the Throwback Sale first6%
  15. Nothing for me this week24%

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