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Earlier today we shared the surprising news that Nintendo Europe is offering some Club Nintendo members an ambassador version of the New 3DS; even better, it's available to buy now ahead of being shipped in 3-5 days.

It's hugely exciting for those that got the email and has caused plenty of buzz, so it's with dismay that we see they're already popping up on eBay (thanks, Eurogamer). The units haven't even been shipped, and a number of those lucky enough to order one are already seeking to profit rather than, you know, treasuring their good luck.

A search for "New Ambassador 3DS" on eBay UK, for example, already returns 12 listings at the time of writing. There are "Buy It Now" values of between £250 and £399.99, and even in the early running some have attracted bids above the asking price of £179.99. Some descriptions state that their listings are actually an act of benevolence, due to already having an alternative new system etc, yet that doesn't stop these sellers from happily accepting bids at a nice profit as opposed to selling at their real value plus postage.

Unfortunately this is the reality when limited editions arrive, and was an issue late last year with limited edition PS4 consoles. Rather than special hardware going to the biggest fans as intended, a number go to those that clearly don't care that much, as they'd prefer to make a financial gain rather than have a unique version of the system. These people are perfectly entitled to do this, but that doesn't mean it's not cynical capitalism at its worst.

Do you disagree with our negative portrayal, or do you agree that it's a shame to see highly desired items like this sold above the asking rate by those wanting to make an unearned profit? Let us know.

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