Don't forget to refresh your deodorant

The competitively controller-sharing Wii U eShop title GetClose: A Game for RVIALS should be receiving an update in the near future, adding some new levels and elements.

Developer Wombat Source has stated that they've sent an update for Nintendo's approval that includes the following:

  • Four New Levels - Two for Capture the Crown and two for King of the Crown
  • Off-TV Support - Two players sharing the GamePad can now play directly on its screen. Technically, third and fourth players can still join in by sharing a Wii U Pro Controller, but that might be one bad game of Twister.
  • Scrolling Parallax Backgrounds - All levels should have a bit more of a sense of motion going on in their backdrops; an aesthetic measure we wished to see in our review.

A few screens showing off the new arenas have been released as well. There is no date for the update's release at this time, but it's always encouraging to see developers continuing to add to their projects. Have you already picked up GetClose? Let us know what you think of it and the upcoming update below!