While Nintendo's efforts at locking down exploits on the 3DS have been stronger than in past generations, hacks and homebrew have still been possible. Though system updates often shut them off, some have found clever ways to get around hardware limitations, and a recent web browser exploit raises a particularly thorny issue - Virtual Console support.

The 3DS Virtual Console has come under some criticism for the slow rate of new Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, in particular, while Pokémon fans often bemoan the fact that the IP's past-gen classics are seemingly a no-go zone on the platform. Fans have found a way around it, however.

Late last week we became aware of a 3DS web browser exploit that allows players to hack the latest 'mon games by loading in pre-prepared pocket monsters, but we opted not to report on it. That same exploit, or a variation of it, has now gone in an intriguing new direction.

As you can see in the video below, by utilising the web browser when suspended from a Game Boy Color Virtual Console game, it's possible to visit a url and load a GBC ROM onto the system, successfully emulating it on the hardware. This same exploit doesn't work fully with original Game Boy titles, however.

The workaround, as it's used for loading Pokémon Yellow (which had GBC enhancements), works right up to the current firmware version - 9.0-9.4 - but does not work on the New Nintendo 3DS which uses an updated web browser. Workarounds like this are often shut down in 'stability' firmware tweaks, however, and those that have come up with it evidently expect the avenue to be closed in future.

It raises that interesting question, again, of how slowly the Virtual Console is updated. Nintendo naturally does more than running standard ROMS, as it adds localised manuals, save state functionality and applies ratings. That said, workarounds like this only highlight how keen some are to access more content - even if it's illegal - on their portables.

What do you think of this workaround, and the topic of Nintendo's current Virtual Console output? As always we welcome your views, but do keep in mind our updated Community Rules and stay on topic, while avoiding posting any direct links to ROM, homebrew or hacking sites.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the heads up.