Bike combat game Road Redemption is getting an unexpected but totally welcome scoop of Shovel Knight action. Developer DarkSeas Games has just released an update to the PC version that allows you to step into the iconic blue armour of the garden tool-welding hero and hop onto a custom coloured chopper.

DarkSeas Games has also confirmed that more updates are on the way to make the game even better — the previous footage we saw looked a little rough around the edges, but hopefully by the time it arrives on the Wii U eShop, it will play like a dream.

Here's some more info from the developer:

More Road Redemption updates are coming soon. If you haven't played the game in a while, we're improving things every week. Performance is probably 1000% better than when we launched, load times are 50% faster, and it's generally more fun. We added a bike and character selection last week that we think is a pretty cool addition.

We're still working hard on porting to Mac, Linux, Wii U and others.

We're also doing a lot of online multiplayer testing. Making a game where players move hundreds of miles per hour AND that focuses on melee combat is pretty much the perfect storm of what you DON'T want when programming for latency. Nevertheless, it's our goal to make sure online play is smooth and input-delay free. We're confident that we'll achieve this goal.

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