A few weeks ago we shared a summary of Twitter posts from the Splatoon development team, with some details and screens being released through these quirky tweets. These images and details have continued since, and with the most recent upload being particularly eye-catching we thought it was high-time that we summarised some more intriguing posts around the upcoming Wii U title — translations are courtesy of a long-running summary thread on NeoGaf.

First up are some details on ink colours changing between battles, with a look at the effect across multiple shots of an arena.

Report from the Squid Research Lab. The color of the ink used in Turf Battles changes with each battle. It's very colorful. It is known that Inklings can change their body color, but there are also ones who can change the ink that they shot?!

1 Stimage

Here we have another image showing off an arena — seemingly another angle of that area from the previous post — and we're seeing nice diversity from the urban landscape used in demo builds to date.

We got a photo back from one of our researchers. Even this place surrounded by nature can become a battleground for a Turf Battle. Anyway, do the Inklings have nothing else to do but fight? Campfires? Barbecues? There must be something else they can enjoy...

2 Nd Image

The following batch are all from Hero mode, which looks set to be the single player offering. This was introduced in our last post, but the past couple of week's worth of images have shed more light.

Investigation report from the Squid Research Lab. This mysterious person (sorry, squid) guides the protagonist in Hero Mode. It seems that in the peaceful squid world he is the only man (sorry, squid) that has noticed the plans of the Octopus Corps. Anyway, he's totally seeing our cameraman here.

3 Rd Image

We have confirmed the existence of various contraptions in Hero Mode. This cannon can shoot powerful ink bullets. Could it be something that the Octopus Corps set up, or was it someone else entirely? Be that as it may, it looks like a rather technologically advanced device.

4 Th Image

Report from the Squid Research Lab. This guys name is "Denchinamazu" [Lit: Battery Catfish]. This world appears to run on the energy produced by this catfish. The protagonist enters the Octopus Army Corps base alone in order to return the stolen Denchinamazu.

5 Th Image

This is one of the mechanisms that appears in Hero Mode; Sponge Blocks. These blocks expand when hit with squid ink and shrink when hit with octopus ink. Sponges are living creatures from the ocean. I wonder, is the Octopus Army Corps also acquainted with biotechnology...?

6 Th Image

This image was sent by one of our researchers. It appears to be a sketch of the Octopus Army Corps Base, which is the setting for Hero Mode. It seems as though it was made using the remains of an ancient civilization. It seems to be using very familiar things...or is it just my imagination?

7 Th Image

We have obtained a photograph of one of the fighters in the Octopus Army Corps. They control a hovercraft-like vehicle using the end of their tentacle, while shooting ink from the nozzle. Their attacks are strong, but perhaps they are a little dim; when the hero hides in ink, for these soldiers, it is as though they suddenly disappeared.

8 Th Image

This is a report from the Squid Research Lab. We’ve confirmed that the octopi fighters are using several different kinds of equipment. Their shields defend them from attacks, and they can wait in the ink for an ambush. They’ll use all kinds of tricks to get in the hero’s way.

9 Th Image

This is another device made by the Octupus Army Corps. Shooting the propellers of this fan-like device with ink will cause the platform's motor to run. Moving the propellers too fast will sometimes cause enemies to dive onto the platform. You must be cautious when using these platforms.

10 Th Image

This is a weapon created by the Octopi powered by battery catfish. It's located in the basement of their base. Apparently it presents quite the challenge for our little inkling.


Finally, moving on from Hero mode, we have a few posts that are referencing character customisation and a feature from the multiplayer element of the game.

This is a sketch from our researchers. This inkling boy is using a giant paint roller. You can customize all your weapons and clothes, including t-shirts and glasses. Inklings are very fashionable!

11 Th Image

We received a sketch from one of our researchers. This is a female Inkling with the Charge Shot Gun equipped. This knit cap, with its large decorative badges, makes her look cute...wait, what am I saying? She's a squid!

12 Th Image

In turf battles, you can use special weapons by painting the ground and building up power. Below is one of these, the 'Barrier'. For a short time, this will rebound all of the opponent's attacks. It appears that there are other kinds of special weapons to be found as well.

13 Th Image

It's interesting to see Splatoon taking shape, and these screens — even if there's still some concept art being used — also provide reassurance that it's successfully heading towards a release in the first half of 2015. As one of the stars of E3 and a title that's gone down well at expos, it's certainly one we'd like to see more of.

Do you like the way this is shaping up, and is there a particular screen that's your favourite? Let us know.

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