Hero Suit Squidmas

While the world waits for what is guaranteed to be the greatest shooter featuring squidomorphic creatures to date, the official Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon has been happily dispensing screenshots and information from the upcoming title. Someone has been gracious enough to translate many of these tweets, which have been gathered into a thread on NeoGAF.

The tweets seem to be modeled as notes from a fictitious squid research agency, which is a bit odd but far from the weirdest thing this game has thrown at us so far. According to the translations, the headliner image at the top of this article features the "Hero Suit," worn by what is presumed to be your character in the single-player mode:

Investigation Report from the Squid Research Lab. This is the 'Hero Suit'. It is worn by the protagonist in 'Hero Mode'. It has a different feel to the regular clothes. According to our theory, it is designed to resemble a fire fly squid. The glowing translucent lights covering it are beautiful.

Above is another screenshot from the Hero Mode. This one seems to shed a small crack of light onto the way the antagonist Octopus Army operates:

Investigative Report from the Squid Research Lab. The protagonist, wearing the Hero Suit, travels through this underground world. The Octopus Army Corps, hoping to invade the Squid's world, built this underground facility. Is it just me that feels the Octopus' longing for the world above-ground from the blue sky projected onto those large monitors?

Now a focus on some of the primary weapons found in the game. The sniper rifle-like Charge Gun looks like the coolest Super Soaker ever, but the Paint Roller might provide a satisfying up close and personal experience:

Report from the Squid Research Labs. Your main way of painting the ground in ink and attacking enemies is the Paint Gun, which shoots using the ZR button. There's many different types of weapons, including the Charge Gun, which allows you to hit at a distance and the Roller, which is useful in close-range combat.

Sub-weapons will also be equipable:

Report from the Squid Research Labs. You can use 'sub-weapons' by tapping the R-Button. Pictured is the 'Splash Bomb' which explodes, shooting ink over the immediate area. It doesn't just hurt your opponents, it also has tactical uses, including distracting enemies or exposing hiding ones, too.

And the score-keeping cat is still a cat:

Investigative Report from the Squid Research Lab. This cat is the referee who decides the winner of each match. They can determine who has the largest covered area in an instant. But why is there a solitary cat in this world of squid....? This mystery is yet to be solved.

There are a few additional images to be found on the NeoGAF thread, and more translations may be added over time. Does this info whet your appetite for calamari-based calamity? Let us know below.

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.

[source neogaf.com]