Shantae Christmas

It's Christmas Day, and there's also a Nintendo Download update to make the day even better. In the absence of an official press release we've pieced together details from Nintendo's official website, but be sure to jump on the eShop and see what else you can find.

Missed the European download update details? Fret not, all the information you need is right here.

Wii U eShop

Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (WayForward, $19.99) — The latest entry on this series has already graced the 3DS eShop and earned many plaudits, with the adventure now arriving on the Wii U. Boasting the same pixel-based visuals, there's been a bit of spit and polish for the HD upgrade, and will otherwise be the same terrific experience. We were big fans in our Shantae And The Pirate's Curse review.

Spy Chameleon (EnjoyUp Games, $4.99) — An arcade-puzzle game where the player must avoid being seen, using the chameleon's ability to change colours and camouflage. With five missions over 75 levels, this promises to keep you busy in quick play throughs or longer challenges. We'll sneak up to it and see what we think for a review.

Toon Tanks (Petite Games, $1.99) — A budget with 80 levels in which you attempt to blast away a lot of enemy tanks, all with a top-down perspective. Simply fun or an underwhelming disappointment? We'll let you know what we think in a review.

Wii U Virtual Console

Duck Hunt (Nintendo, $4.99) — This is being listed as a VC release by Nintendo, demonstrating that it'll be the good old Duck Hunt familiar to NES gamers with the exception of Wii Remote pointer controls as opposed to using the NES Zapper. A bit of a cult classic, and the quirky appearance of Duck Hunt Duo in Super Smash Bros. makes its arrival rather timely. We'll get shootin' for a review.

Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (Nintendo, $7.99) - Perhaps an odd arrival due to the presence of the terrific SNES original on the Virtual Console, but this version does include the original Mario Bros. as an extra, while you can play as either brother. We'll leap in for a review.

Mario Party Advance (Nintendo, $6.99) - Mario and friends bring the party to Game Boy Advance with a dizzying range of activities for single players plus their pals. Mario Party Advance also introduces Professor E. Gadd's Gaddgets: wacky toys and tricks that bring the fun outside of the game. Bowser has crashed the party and scattered all the minigames around Shroom City. Collect them all by completing the single-player game boards. Once unlocked, minigames can be played as often as you like. Earn coins to unlock Gaddgets such as the Compatibility Meter which lets you see how strong your friendships really are! We'll get the party started to bring you a review.

3DS eShop

PUZZLEBOX Setup (Bplus, $2.99) - In PUZZLEBOX setup you hold the Nintendo 3DS system upside-down, selection tiles on the touchscreen to shift downwards with the aim of creating an attractive image. This looks pretty promising, and we'll see whether it fulfils that potential in our review.

3DS Virtual Console

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Nintendo, $5.99) — A Game Boy Color re-release of the classic NES title, it has a zoomed-in view due to pixel limitations, but also has extra challenges and visual embellishments. The limitations of the original hardware perhaps restricts its effectiveness, as we highlighted in our review, but we suspect that won't stop many from picking it up.

Special Offers

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As it's Christmas Day this is a scaled back entry from us (please understand) but remember to check out some additional discount deals on Nintendo's eShop offers website. Have a wonderful day!