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1 (Single Player)
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3DS eShop

  • EU 25th Dec 2014, £2.69
  • US 25th Dec 2014, $2.99
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    Flip the script

    It's always refreshing when a game comes along that challenges norms and makes its players rethink the standards of a genre. The modern gaming market is so abundant that even the least common genres are saturated with new titles, making it even more appreciated when something that feels new makes its way onto consoles. As Nintendo...

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PUZZLEBOX setup Screenshot
PUZZLEBOX setup Screenshot
PUZZLEBOX setup Screenshot

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About The Game

In PUZZLEBOX setup you hold the Nintendo 3DS system upside-down. Use the stylus to select a coloured tile on the Touch Screen which is then on the upper side.

If you release the colour the tile falls down in the selected column. Let the matching tiles fall down into the glass bottle on the 3D Screen to copy a painting or to complete a setup. Share High Scores in Miiverse™.