Earlier this year we told you about a budget range of articulated Nintendo toys that are already available in North America, some of which are rather charming. The higher quality equivalents - the Figuarts range - are more detailed, however, and the most recent images of the upcoming Yoshi figure are pretty darn cute.

Due in Japan in May 2015, it's a stylish toy with some excellent poses. It also has a saddle that can be used in conjunction with the Mario and Luigi toys in the same range, which simply adds to the appeal.

This one will cost 4,536 Yen (about $37USD) when it launches, and we're certainly hopeful that this full premium range will make its way to the West.

We shall see, but let's just bask in the simply joy of Yoshi and the Bros.

SH Figuarts Yoshi 006

[source kotaku.com, via news.toyark.com]