Yokai Watch 2 New

Level 5 has been clear that it's exploring its options to bring Yokai Watch to the West, though quite what form it'll take remains intriguing. The popularity of the first title gained additional momentum when the animated TV show took off in Japan, and the sequel — which is a dual release — has well exceeded the sales of the series début; merchandise is also a major part of the game.

With those aspects considered Level 5 has plenty to consider when planning its release in the West. The publisher has previously stated that a Western release is "in consideration in a big way", and translated comments in a new interview point to an arrival next year along with a range of toys. Below are the comments from Level 5 President Akihiro Hino.

In regards too foreign markets, we have been taking a look at it in regards to Yokai Watch. We are in development planning to release it sometime next year. We think it has a big appeal as a very Japanese-ish fantasy story. We already have support from a foreign toy maker company saying that it will be a definite success.

We've seen various franchises enjoy successful beginnings in the West; we're yet to see whether the first title will be released, or whether the sequel will be utilised — a hybrid is an option, such as the 1.5 edition that was released by Square Enix for Bravely Default, though was a direct localisation of an equivalent release in Japan.

We've little doubt that Level 5 will try to utilise the games, TV show and merchandise together outside of Japan. Are you keen to dive into this franchise?

[source zakzak.co.jp, via neogaf.com]