Ghost Song

Ghost Song was a Kickstarter project that certainly caught the eye in 2013, with an obvious source of inspiration being Super Metroid, while its mechanics, setting and sense of style were certainly appealing. While it reached its funding goal for PC / Mac, it unfortunately fell short of its Wii U port target, though the developer shared their hope of bringing the game to Nintendo's system.

The creator of the project, Matt White, has now been in touch with another update on the project's potential arrival on Wii U. There's some explanation of why the port isn't a simple undertaking, but it's been reiterated that bringing the game to the home console is still a significant target.

The long and short of it is — Without getting too long winded or too technical — Ghost Song is built on a code library called "Open FL". Open FL does not currently export to Wii U, but there is an effort underway to make it do so. Not being involved in this effort, though, I cannot responsibly make guarantees as to whether or when it'll happen.

I am prepared to move heaven and earth to get this game onto Wii U, however, even if the Open FL export never happens, and will try my best to get the game ported over to another engine if it comes down to it. I am highly motivated, not just because so many Nintendo fans want the game on Wii U, but because I am a Nintendo fan and want it on Wii U.

That love for Nintendo also shone through the crowdfunding campaign, so it'll be interesting to see if the Wii U version becomes a reality. It's worth checking out the latest footage, below, to get a sense of how the experience is shaping up.

Is this a game you'd like to see on Wii U?