Fantasy Life Your Life

It's likely that Fantasy Life will be given a fairly substantial marketing push by Nintendo and Level-5 ahead of its release in the West, arriving in Europe and North America in September and October respectively. It's an adventure RPG on 3DS that promises plenty of depth in its mechanics and in the size of the world, with a visual style that's undeniably charming.

Nintendo is also keen to promote its online and communication features, emphasizing how they'll help to bring gamers together while tackling the various gameplay elements. Link Mode allows players to hook up when playing the game at the same time while exchanging messages, applauding each other's achievements and more. Online co-op as a whole allows for parties of three to set off, with options such as exploration, tackling dungeons or exchanging items, along with a chat feature when questing together. StreetPass will see new characters pop up and offer items, while Snapshots allows you to grab screenshots at any time — though Miiverse will likely do this too, we'd hope that Snapshots will support the Nintendo Image Share tool for posting to social networks such as Twitter.

It seems that playing with friends and social aspects will be part of the marketing push for this one. Let us know what you think of these features, while below is a new trailer that gives a closer look at some of the game's other features.