At least you've got your elf

Save data doesn't last forever — for example, every time you write to a 3DS cart, you're shortening the lifespan of the cart's save memory. Of course, it's possible to write to a 3DS cart thousands of times over, but for some, the worrying prospect of losing months of progress in Pokémon X & Y is the kind of thing that will keep you up at night.

Thankfully, Cyber Gadget's Save Bank is here to banish such nightmares to the land of wind and ghosts. It allows you to back up your 3DS save data to a computer (the packaging seems to suggest that tiny elves are involved in this process) where you can retain it until that fateful day when your 3DS game finally dies — and then restore the save to another copy. Let's conveniently forget that that event could be years (or even decades) away and instead bask in the glory of technological advancement.

Save Bank hits Japan on June 8th, and will retail for 3,300 Yen. There's no word on a western release as yet.