Game Cube Wii U Controller

Following its Digital Event at E3, Nintendo has released additional details into the wild, with exciting news for Super Smash Bros. fans with a love for the GameCube controls.

Nintendo revealed the GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U just recently, and has now also announced that it'll arrive (with the Wii U Smash title) at a recommended retail price of $19.99 — it will support WaveBird controllers. In addition, there's also confirmation of a "retro Nintendo GameCube controller" which'll have special Smash markings and a price of $29.99 — as we speculated previously this is likely that controller shown in the promotional shots for the adapter; tellingly, the word 'wireless' is not used once when referencing this new GameCube pad.

If you want the full set, meanwhile, there'll be a special bundle that includes the Wii U game, adapter and new controller for $99.99, which is a $10 saving over the separate products — Smash Bros. will have a recommended price of $59.99.

Are you excited by this news, and ready to put down the cash in the Holiday season?