Remember Chocobo Racing 3D? It was announced for the 3DS some time ago, but Square Enix has shown nothing of the game for months, and last year Takashi Tokita — the creator of the original Chocobo Racing for the PlayStation — said that the project had been closed.

We now have further confirmation of this fact from Square Enix. The project has indeed been cancelled, with Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto stating that it did not meet the company's standards:

When we checked the quality of the game, we did not satisfy. (so it was cancelled.) If we would develop it for console, we think it should be a game for adults.(The target of Chocobo series is children.)

The last part of that admittedly roughly translated statement is somewhat puzzling, as Chocobo Racing is the perfect fit for the young audience of the 3DS — and turning the franchise into something which appeals to adults sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Mario Kart 8 has proven that games with child-friendly presentation can appeal to players of all ages, after all.

Were you hoping that Chocobo Racing 3D would see the light of day at some point, or had you given up hope completely? Perhaps you didn't think it looked all that hot in the first place? You know what to do — post a comment and tell us what you think.