MK8 Entrance EDIT

We do rather like the regular Nintendo Minute videos here at Nintendo Life, and the latest is one for all you unboxing fans out there. Don't deny it, don't pretend you're too self aware and mature to enjoy watching someone open a box with a thing inside — we know you like unboxings. It's a secret shame for many of us.

At least with Nintendo Minute unboxing the Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundle you have an excuse — it is an official Nintendo of America video after all. Kit and Krysta host as normal, with the latter making a particularly charming and awesome entrance.

You can check it out below, in which the hefty box and its three trays are unboxed, though thankfully our hosts skip right past that boring tray full of manuals and cables. They get to the good stuff nice and quickly...