MK8 Free Game

For those picking up Mario Kart 8 when it launches at the end of May, a welcome bonus is that registering the game by 31st July will entitle those gamers to a free Wii U retail title. You can see all of the details right here.

This is tied to Club Nintendo, which has unfortunately ruled it out in countries not supported by the loyalty programme. In great news for Scandinavian gamers — living in Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland — Nintendo of Europe has now arranged an alternative approach so that a free game can still be claimed. Whether buying the title at physical retail, as part of the hardware bundle or on the Wii U eShop, gamers in the region will receive a pin code (with the Club Nintendo branding) — on a printed slip or on the eShop when buying the download — which can then be submitted to a special website; the web address will be released in the near future. Registering that pin will have the same effect as the Club Nintendo equivalent in other regions, giving those in these countries the choice of one of the following 10 games.

While the continuing absence of Club Nintendo in some countries is an ongoing disappointment, on this occasion Nintendo of Europe and distributor Bergsala have, at least, arranged an alternative. If you're in the region and want to know more, you can head to the Danish page, the Swedish page, Norwegian page, or the Finnish page.

Thanks to Kenneth Jensen for the tip.