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The Curtain Call news just keeps coming this week! Not only do we now have a confirmed western release, but in Japan the first wave of additional DLC tracks have been announced — including two tracks that are free for a limited period. The full line up is as follows:

Final Fantasy V
Battle 2 (BMS) - Free until the 8th of May
The Ancient Library (FMS)

Final Fantasy VIII
Shuffle or Boogie (BMS)

Final Fantasy IX
Rose of May (FMS) - Free until the 8th of May

Final Fantasy X
Blitz Off (BMS)

Final Fantasy X-2
Eternity ~Memories of Light and Waves~ (FMS)

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Final Fantasy XI
Tough Battle #2 (BMS)

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Crazy Chocobo (FMS)

Yuffie is also making an appearance as the sole DLC character this time around too. All DLC tracks and Yuffie are priced at ¥150 each (approx. £0.89/$1.46USD). 

[source dengekionline.com, via jp.square-enix.com]