Lost Winds

The Wii to Wii U system transfer may not be the most flexible or easy process, but we should be pleased that it is available, allowing those anxious for access to their WiiWare, Virtual Console and Wii save data to carry on with their shiny new system. The excellent LostWinds was an anomaly, however, as it was a game that could not be transferred.

Thankfully, and oddly considering the time that's passed since the Wii U launched, that's now changed. A message on the Wii Shop — posted by the Wii Shop Channel team, evidently still a thing — says the following.


We would like to inform you that a new update is now available for LostWinds.

This new update allows the title to be moved to a Wii U console using the system transfer application. Please download this update and perform the system transfer again to transfer LostWinds to your Wii U Console.

Wii Shop Channel team

That's from our European system, and we expect it'll be the case in North America too. Are you rushing to hook up your Wii to get this one transferred?

Thanks to Bobobiwan for the heads up.