No! Make it go faster!

It's safe to say that Bravely Default went over pretty well in the world, even making publisher Square Enix take a second look at its strategy concerning JRPGs in the West. The sequel, currently referred to as Bravely Second, is a relative sure shot for localisation, but fans must first endure the agony of waiting for it to be made.

"Take your time," they croon. "Make sure it's fantastic. We'll be patient!" Yet they keep staring at Japan, checking their watches, coughing, tapping their feet. Then the shakes start...

Producer Tomoya Asano seems to understand, leaking a tidbit on the game's progress in the most recent issue of Famitsu that was picked up by Siliconera:

We’re currently at the height of the planning [stage] for the game. As far as new information goes, we’ll likely be revealing more this summer, so please look forward to it!

With Asano previously stating that focus would remain on the story and expanding the world, the planning stage is quite the essential place to be in creation. Hopefully the first title will keep fans busy until more is revealed, regardless of what numbered playthrough they're on.