Yoshi 3 DS

Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed the March 14th release date and $199.99 retail price, and has also revealed that the game is sold separately and does not come preinstalled on the console.

Original story: Nintendo may be masters of surprise reveals and keeping secrets — the 2DS being an impressive example — but it doesn't always succeed with its 3DS hardware iterations. Early February rumours of a Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL bundle were entirely feasible (despite some humorously using a fan mock-up as proof) and it was confirmed for Europe in the last Nintendo Direct broadcast. Though there have been region-specific hardware bundles, the European confirmation made an equivalent in North America rather likely.

Once again retailers seem to have gone early in revealing the 3DS XL model. A KMart brochure was spotted, and then subsequently — and perhaps slightly more reliably — the system has popped up in a Toys "R" Us advert. In both cases the system is listed for $199.99; it doesn't seem to include a pre-installed version of Yoshi's New Island.

Yoshi 3 Ds Xl North America
Toys R Us Yoshi 3 Ds Original

The game arrives on 14th March in both regions, with the XL model set for the same date in Europe; the Toys "R" Us ad does say "this Friday", but perhaps it's early visibility of an ad to be distributed next week. In any case, at the time of writing Nintendo of America is yet to confirm the system's arrival, so we'll keep our eyes peeled.

If these retail listings prove to be accurate, are you interested in picking one up?

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