Superheroes and Animal Crossing can mix, but not in the way Infamous ultimately became

InFamous, the gritty action-adventure series where the main character gains superpowers for the benefit of good or evil, initially had a cheerier inspiration, Sucker Punch Productions co-founder Chris Zimmerman recently told Gamespot:

The original idea for InFamous, believe it or not, was that it was kind of Animal Crossing, but you were a superhero. ... We worked on that for about a year in that direction. So much more stylized, much more cartoony than what you end up seeing. We worked hard to see if we could make that work.

Considering that before InFamous, Sucker Punch had become well known for the Saturday morning cartoon-like antics of its anthropomorphic characters in the Sly Cooper series, the idea that the studio would first attempt a similar angle isn't too farfetched. According to the article, however, one of the original pitches featured a gang of purple gorillas stealing balloons. That's... maybe a little harder to swallow.

InFamous: Second Son is launching for the PS4 soon. While it likely won't contain any nods to the peaceful, social game Sucker Punch first wanted to run with for inspiration, one can dream.

Come on, Sucker Punch. Just one little Mira doll tucked away somewhere. Please?