Nintendo has proven itself a company willing to buck standard conventions and try out new concepts. Some ideas, such as dual screens and motion controls, become a solid entry into gaming culture. Others may never leave the drawing board.

A Nintendo patent that was filed in September 2010 and widely spotted today appears to show one such idea: an illumination system that was meant to interact with various impulses during play, either triggered by a game or other means, to project light in certain colours or arrays. According to the document, which used the Wii in its drawings, this device seemed intended to provide a surrounding ambience around the TV:

The position and direction in which to install the illumination device are optional. In the present embodiment, however, the illumination device is assumed to illuminate a wall (a house wall or a curtain) behind the television with visible light, so that the user sees the light on the wall. Therefore, the illumination device is preferably installed so as to emit visible light rearward of the television. Also, in FIG. 1, the illumination device is installed on the marker device. In another embodiment, the illumination device may be installed directly on the television or may be installed behind the television on a stand having the television mounted thereon. Alternatively, the illumination device may have provided therewith a member capable of hanging the illumination device at the back of the television.

It doesn't seem like a device that would forever change the way we see games, but the effects of light and colour should not be underestimated. Imagine how different colours could lend to the atmosphere of someone practising yoga on Wii Fit or facing an anxious moment in Resident Evil 4, for example. At the very least it would have blown the Wii's notification light out of the water.

Would a device like this light up your interest, or is this an idea better left in the dark ages? Sound off in the comments below.

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