Nintendo's always been one for experimenting with peripheral accessories designed to boost the functionality of its hardware. From football controllers, to inflatable horseback saddles, Nintendo's patented them all.

A recent uncovering by Siliconera has revealed yet another crazy idea by Nintendo, this time in the light department. A patent filed back in 2009 in Japan shows a device called Wii Light, which reacts to how a gamer plays a video game and produces a spectrum of colours via red, blue, and green LEDs. The accessory can output 256 colours by controlling which LEDs are turned on and by saturation adjustment.

Light from the LEDS pass through condensing lenses which enable the colours from each LED to be blended together, giving a single coloured beam effect. The device can also output different intensities and patterns like blinking. The peripheral's raison d'être is to reflect the mood of what's happening in-game and the patent suggests developers could use the device to output different colours according to when bullets hit their mark in shooting games, or when fists make contact in fighting games.

Another proposal is to use the Wii Light in music games such as Activision's Hero franchise. Colours can be changed to match what the player is doing on their instrument controller.

As this is just a patent, it doesn't necessarily mean it will come to market, but if it did, do you think it will add something beneficial to your video gaming experience?