While the Monday blues are common, the Nintendo Download update arrives to bring a ray of sunlight to our week. This time around there are a few retro games, including a surprise return, Sonic dashes onto the Wii U and 3DS and we have some encouraging discounts to consider. Let's get right to it.

Wii U Virtual Console

Urban Champion (€4.99 / £3.49) — IT'S BACK!!!! The urban fighting game we all want to play again and again and again! A timeless classic... or not. If you didn't buy it on the Wii Virtual Console or as a 3D Classic, you have a chance for buyer's remorse once again; if you don't believe us, check out our Wii Virtual Console Urban Champion review. This is the US version of the game.

Clu Clu Land (Nintendo, €4.99 / £3.49) — This is an action puzzle game from the early days of the NES, in which you manoeuvre bubbles by throwing them around the stage. This can also be played with a friend, but the single-screen puzzling is underwhelming, as explained in our Wii Virtual Console Clu Clu Land review. This is the US version of the game.

Wii U Retail Downloads

Sonic Lost World (SEGA, €49.99 / £39.99) — Of the exclusive Sonic games coming to Nintendo systems, this is the one that's brought the most hype. Introducing cylindrical environments and promising parkour moves to join the usual Sonic speed, much of the footage and pre-release coverage has been positive, alongside SEGA making noises about satisfying fans of all dispositions. We'll let you know what we think in our review later this week — available from 18th October.

  • Receive download codes for the additional level available in the Deadly Six Edition and five Black Bomb colour powers if you purchase Sonic Lost World from Nintendo eShop on your Wii U between 00:01 (UK time) on 18th October and 23:59 (UK time) on 26th October.

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver (WB Games, €29.99 / £24.99) — Available from 18th October.

3DS Virtual Console

City Connection (HAMSTER, €3.99 / £3.59) — Another NES title makes its way to the 3DS VC, with this one very much part of the early 8-bit generation of simplistic, single screen experiences. In our opinion this isn't a retro gem, as you can see in our Wii Virtual Console City Connection review.

3DS Retail Downloads

Sonic Lost World (SEGA, €39.99 / £34.99) — Developed separately from the Wii U version by Dimps, this 3DS title incorporates similar ideas but with alternative level designs; it also features Wii U connectivity to send assist tools to the home console. This aims to give 3DS owners a Sonic experience that stacks up against its HD brethren, and we'll let you know how well it does so in our upcoming review — available from 18th October.

Game Festival 2 (Big Ben, €24.99 / £19.99)

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

SteamWorld Dig (Image & Form, €7.19 / £6.39 until 20th October, normally €8.99 / £7.99.)

Aqua Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB, €5.99 / £5.39 until 31st October, normally €9.99 / £8.99).

3DS eShop Permanent Discount

Planet Crashers (UTV Ignition, €4.99 / £4.49, was €9.99 / £8.99)


Cute Witch! Runner (EnjoyUp Games, 200 Nintendo Points — This budget DSiWare spin off takes the endless sidescrolling element of Dress to Play: Cute Witches! and packages it as a one-off experience. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however, and this is entertaining despite its simplicity; check out our Cute Witch! Runner review for more details.

That's your lot, Europe, so let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (164 votes)

  1. Urban Champion (Wii U Virtual Console)3%
  2. Clu Clu Land (Wii U Virtual Console)2%
  3. Sonic Lost World (Wii U retail download)26%
  4. Hot Wheels World's Best Driver (Wii U retail download)  0%
  5. City Connection (3DS Virtual Console)1%
  6. Sonic Lost World (3DS retail download)10%
  7. Game Festival 2 (3DS retail download)  0%
  8. SteamWorld Dig (3DS eShop temporary discount)13%
  9. Aqua Moto Racing 3D (3DS eShop temporary discount)1%
  10. Planet Crashers (3DS eShop permanent discount)  0%
  11. Cute Witch! Runner (DSiWare)  0%
  12. Nothing for me this week43%

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