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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 25th Jul 2013, 200 points
  • EU 17th Oct 2013, 200 points
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    Magical Nights

    With last year's Dress to Play: Cute Witches!, developer Coder Child channeled both Cotton and cosplay into a unique mix of dress-up and side-scrolling flight, a solid concept that we felt was let down by poor execution on the fashion side of the equation. We found plenty to like about the airborne action, however, and that's the main...

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Cute Witch! Runner Screenshot
Cute Witch! Runner Screenshot
Cute Witch! Runner Screenshot
Cute Witch! Runner Screenshot

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About The Game

In Cute Witch! runner, get ready to set off on an adventure as your character flies away on her broomstick to a peaceful world inhabited by fantasy characters.

CuteWitch! runner is a challenging action game where you have to fly, fly more, and then fly even more! Get all the 32 achievements done and become the number one in the score table. At first, everything is easy: you pick up stars, you earn score points, you fly around the creatures… but soon you’ll be involved in an unleashed race where you’ll have to put your reflexes to test avoiding every obstacle in your way.

How long do you think you’ll resist flying?


  • Fast-paced action at breakneck speed.
  • 32 challenges to accomplish.
  • Break all the records with the included bonus mini game.
  • An adventure full of cute creatures.