Terra reborn

We love a good fan-made movie here at Nintendo Life — although they often look a bit goofy or unintentionally amusing, they show just how passionate and creative gamers can be when they've got a HD video camera, a decent PC and a capable video editing program.

Final Fantasy: Terra is better than most — it's a proposed film based around the seminal SNES title Final Fantasy VI (released in North America as Final Fantasy III.)

Produced by Bad Pixel, the trailer is going to be used to pitch the idea to Square Enix in order to gain permission to proceed with development. Bad Pixel then plans to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to actually create the film.

We have to admit it all looks very encouraging, but getting Square Enix to green-light something like this could be harder than it sounds — the company may have no interest in turning its most famous franchise into a movie after the commercial failure of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but it's unlikely that it will allow fans to use the valuable name and IP to make their own film — regardless of how heart-felt and well-intentioned the proposal may be.

Anyway, enough scepticism. Check out the footage below and share your thoughts on this very well-made trailer.

[source finalfantasymovie.net]