Street Fighter Alpha Dreams Banner

As we've seen with Nintendo in recent years, plenty of major publishers are celebrating major anniversaries that go back to the 8 and 16-bit eras. Capcom is included in this, and has celebrated Mega Man by releasing a load of merchandise and by being upstaged by Keiji Inafune — the latter clearly wasn't part of any plans. One franchise that the company is still supporting, however, is Street Fighter, with Ultra Street Fighter IV coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

Unfortunately there's no Wii U version of that title in the pipeline at the time of writing, though Virtual Console fans on the system have recently had the chance to pick up three Super NES Street Fighter II titles. This is a franchise that was ever-present in the '90s, dominating attention and sales charts with multiple iterations and editions; the franchises' power was such that it was a huge part of gaming culture at that time.

Its influence arguably waned for a number of years in the late '90 and early noughties, but Street Fighter IV has now spawned multiple releases and put the brand back on the gaming landscape. To celebrate Capcom has released a documentary about the history of the series; clocking in at over an hour, you'll need a comfy seat for this one.

Check it out below.