Layton 7

We already knew that, as it stands, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies is the last of the popular series starring the tea-loving puzzle master. Perhaps not a surprise as sales dropped away in Japan, particularly, with each release, Level-5 has nevertheless been clear that the brand may well continue in some form. The publisher has now revealed Layton 7 at its Vision event, which is coming to 3DS, iOS and Android.

Very little is known from the basic reveal, beyond descriptions of it as the "latest entry in the Professor Layton series" and a "role-play puzzle" game. It's sporting a new 3D isometric viewpoint and a host of different characters, and it's not clear how the named character will feature, or whether it's simply branding in the Layton universe.

That really is the extent of the detail available, though there's some captured footage and an iOS screen below; it may just confuse us more. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more specifics, but the good news is that — in some form — more Layton puzzles are coming.

Layton 7 Screen

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