It's back

DuckTales: Remastered arrived on the Wii U eShop in North America on 13th August, with the European release set for 15th August, so gamers young and old have a chance to revisit one of the most iconic games to grace the NES. It created a lot of buzz when in was announced earlier in the year, of course, with the reveal trailer making a point of using the catchy theme tune from the original.

The music is a major part of the title's appeal, so the prospect of a soundtrack release is certainly exciting. It's not outwith the realm of possibility, either, as Capcom Producer Rey Jimenez has told us that it's something he'd be keen to see.

I definitely hope so. The music in the game is outstanding and deserves a release outside of the game.

We also asked Jimenez about the how the title is aiming to attract younger gamers that may not have been around for the original.

What made the DuckTales cartoon so memorable were the characters and the adventures that they went on. In lieu of watching the cartoons, we’re hoping that the addition of the voice acting and story exposition will help kids connect with the characters and fall in love with why DuckTales is so widely loved.

Check back later today for the full interview, while our review also creeps closer.