Super Metroid was made available to Wii U owners for a measly 30c/30p earlier in the year as part of the Famicom 30th Anniversary celebrations and many people snapped it up straight away.

The Super Nintendo classic was the home console successor to the popular NES title Metroid, which looks set to be making an appearance on the North American Wii U Virtual Console next week - if Nintendo's website is to be believed.

It's been listed for release on 11th July and will set you back $4.99.

Metroid sees you take control of Samus Aran as she infiltrates the space pirate's home planet, Zebes. During her exploration she comes face to face with the famous Kraid and her arch-nemesis, Ridley.

Its release has not been officially announced by Nintendo and website listings have been incorrect before, however, it looks as though Metroid will be on its way soon.

Meanwhile, the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign is coming towards its end. Yoshi is currently the game in the spotlight and it'll be on the cheap until 11th July. The final game in the promotion is Donkey Kong, which will be available on 15th July

Will you be downloading Metroid should it become available? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.

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