Trolling or truth?

Platinum's Hideki Kamiya is the kind of guy who probably shouldn't be allowed a Twitter account. He's made some pretty strong statements in the past and seems to delight in winding up people who send him inane comments on the popular social network site, often forcing fellow Platinum staffer Atsushi Inaba to clarify his comments.

His latest post is a doozy — he claims that despite the fact that his company is such a key supporter of the Wii U, he doesn't actually own Nintendo's console:

Some have speculated that he's deliberately misleading people for kicks, but could it be possible that he actually doesn't own a Wii U? Just because you're working on a game for the system doesn't necessarily mean you have to have one at home. We'll leave you to decide that one.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Kamiya confirmed that a Nintendo Direct broadcast focused on The Wonderful 101 is forthcoming — something that has been hinted at in the past:

We assume he's not trolling with that piece of info, too. You can never be too sure when Kamiya is involved!