The Wonderful 101 Wii U Screen 1

Although games are often compared to movies, it's not an entirely fair match — when was the last time you watched a movie which offers 10 or more hours of entertainment in a single viewing? However, not every 40-hour gaming epic is a classic, which is a fair indication that size isn't everything.

That's a sentiment which is echoed by Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya, who recently tweeted regarding the amount of play time offered by the forthcoming The Wonderful 101:

Another follower asked if the game could be compared to Devil May Cry, to which Kamiya responded:

It would appear that The Wonderful 101 is going to be quite a short experience, then — but one which has plenty of replayability to make up for it. This is certainly not a bad thing in our books; games like Star Fox 64 are very much the same — they can be completed quickly, but offer days (or even weeks) of entertainment thanks to the sheer number of possible routes through the game, and included secrets.

Do you prefer longer gaming experiences or are you happy with games which can be finished quickly, but have lots of depth? Post a comment to let us know.