Last week we reported Cloudberry Kingdom will be published by Ubisoft on a large range of platforms including Wii U this Summer.

Pwnee Studios, the game's developer, has stated Cloudberry Kingdom will be the toughest platforming game in the Wii U eShop but there will be several difficulty modes to cater for all tastes. The levels in the game randomly generate as you progress, which means you'll need to keep your concentration levels high.

It's set to make an appearance on the PlayStation Vita but is not currently down for a 3DS release. Previously the studio had said it has no plans to bring Cloudberry Kingdom to Nintendo's handheld but all hope is not lost as after being asked about it recently by Nintendo World Report, TJ Lutz - Vice President at Pwnee Studios - had this to say:

It’s still in our minds, we would really love to do a 3DS port. I’m not giving up on it yet, I would say there’s still a chance.

Ubisoft's backing could enable Cloudberry Kingdom to make it to the 3DS, which would cover practically every platform.

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