A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to produce a Super 4-in-1 cartridge for the SNES. The cart will contain four homebrew titles: Mazezam, UWOL: Quest for Money, Skipp and Friends Unexpected Journey and N- WARP Daisakusen.

The creators are looking to secure $10,000 to fund the project. At the time of writing, they have over $3,000 of that total with just two days gone.

If you're interested in making a pledge and getting the game, $40 will get you the cartridge on its own, but for $60 you will receive the game in a proper box.

Here are some details on each title, taken from the Kickstarter page:

Mazezam is a Puzzle Video game. The main goal of the game is help the character pass through different stages that are filled with obstacles. The player has to be very careful while moving the obstacles to not close down his path, because if he does, he would need to restart the stage with the cost of a life. The game gives the option to write a password and advanced to the last stage you play. Mazezam has over 50 Stage levels and each level is harder than the last one. Mazezam was the winner of the Neo Flash 2012 video game competition and it was featured in a Retro Video Game Magazine from the UK. The game has both French and English text.

UWOL - Quest for Money was originally developed by the Spanish Development team, Mojon Twins. UWOL was released for the ZX Spectrum Console and it has been ported to the SNES because it is a really fun game that resembles a lot the 80s and 90s arcades, and also it is "Nintendo hard". UWOL Features 55 Levels were the player needs to find money on a millionaire mansion that is haunted by our classic monsters. This game is also available for SEGA Genesis, but there is no intention of ever getting a cart release.

Skipp and Friends was developed by Mokunda Johnson for the PDRoms.com Video Game competition in 2009. He won first place for the game, but unfortunately the original winning game was not made to work on an actual console. After reaching out to Mukunda, he agreed to fix the game and get ti to work on the console. The game has been fully tested to run on the SNES and Supaboy. The object of the game is to move all three characters to the EXIT in each level. Each player has 2 limited special abilities that you may use to help advance through the level. The in-game status bar displays the name of each ability and how many times it can be used during that level. All three players must be alive and to the exit to complete the level. If you get yourself stuck, press START to pause and then SELECT to restart the level. After you complete each level a 4 letter password is given to you so that you may resume the game using the Password option at the title screen, after your system has been shut off.

N- WARP Daisakusen is a very simple game that captured lot of attention in 2008. The game consists on a 2-8 player free for all fighting game. The game supports the SNES Multitap to connect more than 2 controllers on the console. It is a great game for a party or a family gathering. The game was also featured on the Retro Magazine and other major websites like Kotaku. This game has never seen the light on a Cart Release, until now. The developer of N-Wrap has develop several other projects. His latest accomplishment is the port of the Super Road Blaster for the SNES a 512 Megabytes game, the biggest ever made for the SNES.

Are you tempted to invest in this project? Do you fancy dusting off the SNES for some brand new gaming action? Post a comment to tell us.

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