Aussie retailers appear hopeful

Wii U has had a difficult few months in practically every country since the New Year. Many have attributed it to a distinct lack of new releases - something that is beginning to improve with the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

One nation where Wii U owners have had a more difficult time than others is Australia. Unfortunately games such as 007 Legends, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition - all Activision titles - won't be heading Down Under.

However, it appears Wii U is more or less achieving the same success in Australia as it is in any other nation if retailers are to be believed.

Vooks recently caught up with a few of them to get their thoughts on Wii U and it produced mixed responses.

Kelsey Gamble, community manager at EBGames Australia, had this to say:

We were quite happy with the launch, there were solid pre-sells and general excitement for the release. Wii U is currently facing some headwinds in the market but this is in line with what Nintendo is seeing around the world.

We feel that it’s all about educating customers on the great features of this console.

Letting consumers know about the new system was a recurring theme, as Rob Jenkins, the national marketing manager at Gametraders, also believes Nintendo needs to up its awareness campaigns:

Currently Wii U is slow. It needs an injection of great titles both from Nintendo and third parties. Plus some marketing. It may be a console that takes time to get market penetration but we’re hoping it takes off – people love Nintendo and we do too.

The same can be said for most other nations around the world, so despite missing out on several titles it appears Aussie Wii U owners have no more reason to panic than those in other countries.

Meanwhile, in the UK Nintendo plans to meet with retailers to discuss the company's plans for building some momentum for Wii U.

How do you feel Wii U is doing, Australia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.