Surely it won't get delayed again

Retro City Rampage has been eluding us for as long as we can remember. It sees you play as the bad guy in an open-world 8-bit environment and has been out on PC and PlayStation Network for a while now.

Unfortunately the WiiWare version has been delayed more than a few times, leaving some to speculate that it would never actually happen. However, the developer behind the game, Vblank Entertainment, has now confirmed that it will be available for download on 28th February in both North America and Europe.

The WiiWare version has received a few tweaks here and there, and is an improved version of the title found on previous platforms. Since we've all been so patient, the developer has also added ROM City Rampage to the package; a 1980s-style prototype version of the game that's NES hardware-accurate.

Retro City Rampage will set your account back 1000 Nintendo Points and will support the Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and the GameCube controller. If you go with the Wii Remote you can use it to pick up and throw objects with a flick of the wrist — it's optional, of course.

Naturally, just because this is WiiWare doesn't mean Wii U owners should miss out; don't forget, you can gain access to the Wii Shop through the Wii Channel on the Wii U's main hub.

It looks as though Retro City Rampage will be WiiWare's swansong. Are you looking forward to finally being able to download it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.