It's been announced recently that the Wii Mini is on its way to European shores. Once a Canadian-exclusive, the stripped down system cannot play anything other than Wii games, has no slot for an SD card and is unable to connect to the internet.

So how has the Wii Mini done in Canada? Since its release on 7th December last year up until 31st January 2013, the little red console had shifted 35,700 units - a decent little haul.

The system sold for $99.99 and Communications Manager at Nintendo of Canada, Matt Ryan, believes Canadians "reacted positively to the great value the system has to offer".

Amazon UK has recently set a price of £79.99 for the console; whether or not people see the value in it — considering a fully-fledged Wii is selling for a mere £4 more — remains to be seen.

Wii Mini will be released in Germany on 15th March and in the UK and other areas on 22nd March. There's no news yet on the system moving into the US.

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