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Because of the overwhelming response to the Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and some of the game's staff decided to have a another special Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct to share some of the comments they've received about the game.

We start with game producer Eguchi Katsuya, and directors Kyougoku Aya and Moro Isao, who state that they will reintroduce some of the game's features as they share some of the comments they've received.

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メガホンでどうぶつ達を呼んだ時の反応が可愛い。「When you call the Animals with the megaphone, their reactions are cute」

Aya states that they couldn't really show the megaphone in more detail in the last Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct. There is a difference in the reactions players get depending on how far away they are from who they are calling. Sometimes animals you don't even know are in the area respond to being called out, so its interesting to call out names of characters you would like to talk to just in case they might hear.

The staff also take some time to notice just how cute each of the character's personalities are, and how each one was fitted with specific mannerisms and facial expressions to make them even fuller and livelier.

Also Aya notices that even though she takes care to raise her plants, since it is winter the tree that stands as one of the centrepieces of her town looks withered because of the snow.

She takes some time to visit with some of her in-game friends, and see what they are up to. At times they will give unwanted items to the player if they show an interest in them.

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Here the staff take some time to notice how things have changed with the seasons. Lights are put up on trees for the winter illuminations, and there are small snowballs lying on the ground. One small feature is that while they are small, the player can move them around with their feet, and at this point it is a little difficult to roll. While they are bigger their player character will automatically start to roll them around with their hands, making it a little easier. If the snowball comes into contact with anything, it will break, so be careful!

モデルになった方が多さな、味のあるキャラに癒されています。「The characters that are based on real people are quite numerous, and since it adds a distinct flavour to their characters, it is quite refreshing」

There are many characters in this game that are based at least somewhat on real people, the most famous of course being Totakeke, who is based on music producer Totaka, even though Aya remarks that unlike the character that was made from his personality, Totaka-san usually wears clothes.

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The trio also wonder about some of the other characters, for example the cafe's Master, who is based on game designer Takahashi. They wonder if he really resembles him or not, then decide that he does, but he's still quite different. The funny thing is, Takahashi had a hand in the character design of the cafe Master himself.

Even if there is not a direct resemblance, there are still certain quirks that the characters share with their real-life counterparts.

みやびが「いらないものを交換し合いましょう」と持ちかけてきたとき、みやびの服と、こちらが持っていたノミを交換たこと。ノミでよいのかと。目の前でセルバンテスから捕ったノミだぞ。「Miyabi said "Let's trade things we don't need!", so I trade some of my old clothing, and he gave me a flea. I think this is great. When I look at it, its like a flea from Cervantes (author of Don Quixote)」

The staff have a laugh at this one. It is true that sometimes when item trading with characters, odd items will pop up. An item like a flea can be good for the players bug collection. Occasionally these bugs will pop up, so its good to keep a net handy! Some of the Animals will be quite grateful if you rid them of fleas.

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花屋さんが出来るときに、工事現場を再現し、音響効果がちょっと感動した。「When a flower shop is being made, the construction site appears, and I'm a little impressed by the sound effects that come from it」

Aya notes that there are times when certain sound effects can be heard within the game that are only heard during special occasions, such as construction site noises, the sound of the windcock as wind passes through it, or certain sounds that can be heard outside of Club 444. Other sounds can be heard depending on how the player builds his/her town. For example, if the player builds his/her house next to the ocean, the sounds of the waves can be heard even from within the house.

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髪型とかいろんなのがあっておもしろい。「The fact that there are many things to chose from, such as different hairstyles, is really fun」

New features in this game include new hairstyles and accessories available from the salon that weren't in previous games, such as an assortment of shorter hairstyles for girls, and more wild styles for boys (such as perms, or longer hair).

ゲーム内テレビでたまに見かける、あのリンゴが横切る映像は何?なんか昔からあった気がするけど、音楽とあわせてすっっさまじく気になる。。。(笑)あと、同じくゲーム内テレビで出演者が喋ったりするけど、何言ってるの?洗剤CMとかプチ気になる。。。(笑)「When watching the TV within the game, what is that video of an apple that sometimes goes across the screen. I feel like I've seen that before, but when put together with the music I become super interested. Also, sometimes there are characters that talk on the screen. What are they saying? Is it like a detergent commercial? I'm a little interested.

What appears on the television screen depends on the hour and the day, so sometimes it can be interesting to turn it on and see what is showing. The images on the screen were decided for an entire week of in game time. There are many mock television programs, such as cooking shows and chat shows, as well as various commercials. If you listen really closely, you can hear bits and pieces of what is being said within the shows.

From this point in the video, the staff are showing their own in-game worlds that they have created, some of which may be seen on Spot Pass. Some of their original designs include a room filled with potted plants, and a bedroom where the bed is surrounded by wheat, and many other designs.

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As a little treat, we are shown inside the house of Totaka-san, the basis for the character of Totakeke (K.K. Slider). Turns out he designed his house to look like a curry shop, complete with menus on the walls, and bar stools next to the counters. A lot of these were made using the "My Design" feature, which allows players to create their own original wallpaper and other decorations.

Of course, some of the more elaborate designs can take a lot of time and in-game money, but when the result is a detailed traditional Japanese house, or a room filled with Nintendo memorabilia, the work can be well worth it. As was explained in the last Nintendo Direct for the game, players can use the dream room feature to visit the towns of other players, and play around with the various elements without consequence.

よくこけるけど、何ででしょうか??「In the game my player is often looking slumped over and falls down, why is that?」

Players can choose their birthday, which will set their zodiac sign. This can effect their character's luck and status within the game, and players can check on their luck status by going to the fortune teller and getting their fortune read. Using this feature, players can learn of their lucky item, which if they have it with them will raise their chance of getting rarer items.

なかなか蜂を捕まえられない。「Lately I'm not able to capture any bees」

Aya notes that she also isn't very good at this. It can sometimes be harder to find rarer items, or to catch certain bugs within the game. Since bees will attack if found, timing is important when trying to catch them. She hands the game over to Moro, who will try to get them himself. Moro effortlessly shows that it is important to prepare by setting the bug net to a specific button, and running to prepare a nice stance for catching the bees. In this game, some of the harder finds can take a little practice, but again, it can be worth it.

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仲間と島に遊びに行ったとき、ボートにみんな仲良く座っていたのが印象的だった。写真撮りました!!「When going to play on the island with my friends, we all sat together on the boat in a very cinematic way. We took a picture!」

It can be really fun to travel to the island with friends, or even alone. Depending on the combination of male/female players in the group, the conversation with Kappe can change, going from casual for a larger group, to a more romantic leaning conversation if it is only one male and one female pair going together.

この前やっとクラブ444が出来たんですけど、そこで「シャキーン」という芸を教えてもらいました。たまたま師匠の前で「シャキーン」をしたら師匠が一緒にやってくれて(笑)他にもきぬよや他の住民達が一緒にやってくれたり。。。そのたびに写真をとって毎日笑っています(笑) 「Recently after building and going to Club 444, I was taught a gag called "Shakiin". Sometimes I do it in front of the character who taught it to me, as well as other characters in the game and they do it with me. I took a picture of this and laugh everyday I look at it」

The animal characters in the game have a wide variety of reactions to things that the player does. Often they will be surprised, or sometimes copy what the player is doing. It is well worth it to try a variety of things to see what reactions you can get.

That's about it for the comments that the staff will feature in the video. In closing, viewers are shown a variety of pictures that they took within the game, with comments on their memories of the game so far.

Iwata and the staff are happy that so many players have enjoyed the game so far. Iwata also urges those who haven't registered for the Animal Crossing/Doubutsu no Mori Twitter account to do so. As always, Iwata thanks for you your time.

You can view the full video below. Enjoy!