Wii U launch title ZombiU seemed to divide critics across the globe, but we thought it was pretty darn special - so much so that we've got all of our fingers and toes crossed that a sequel eventually goes into development.

It would appear that the guys at Ubisoft are equally keen to see the game turn into a fully-fledged franchise. In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Ubisoft's Guillaume Brunier was asked if the game was really a remake of Zombi - one of the company's first titles - and got an encouraging reply:

NWR: ZombiU has been considered a "remake" of your original Zombi game, which I suppose makes this a franchise. Will we be seeing a return to this franchise in the future, and if so would it be in London or another zombie-infested town?

GB: We have a hard time squashing this theory. ZombiU is not a remake of Zombi. True it’s a tempting thing to believe as there are similarities but we only realized this afterwards. Now if that helps ZombiU being a franchise, we should stop fighting for the truth!

Hopefully that means we could see more ZombiU action in the near future. Which city would you like to see infested with the undead next? Let us know by leaving a comment.