A recent poll has seen Nintendo top the list for best customer service, outranking Apple, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft - among others.

The findings were charted by Forrester, an independent market research firm that specialises in the tech sector.

7,500 US participants in the survey were asked: “How well did they meet your need? How easy were they to do business with?” and “How enjoyable were they to do business with?” Nintendo racked up a score of 83, which was 2 marks short of attaining the highest rank of “excellent” - awarded to scores of 85 and over.

Nintendo's competitors were left in the dust, with Sony placing third behind Apple with a score of 76. Sony's image has been badly damaged following a series of hacking incidents which resulted in consumer bank details on the PlayStation Network being badly compromised. Sony's network had 75 million registered users at the time of the hacks in April 2011, and the company has recently been fined £250,000 by the UK Information Commissioner's Office for the security breach.

Microsoft, who placed fifth with a score of 74, have also experienced difficult consumer service-related headlines of late. In 2011, a number of phishing-related frauds and hijacked Xbox Live accounts were reported..

What do you make of Forrester's consumer rankings? Do you think Nintendo is the best company for customer service? Drop us a comment if you think otherwise - or if you agree entirely, for that matter.

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