Will they still be smiling when the legal process is over?

Japanese developer Level-5 has responded to SEGA's recent legal campaign to have the company remove its Inzauma Eleven series from sale due to an alleged patent infringement.

SEGA is claiming that Level-5's soccer RPG features a touch-driven interface which violates two of its patents.

The following statement has been issued by the company, which is also responsible for the Professor Layton series:

Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega's patents. As a result of examining these discrepancies, we've concluded that there is no patent violation. While Inazuma Eleven does not violate Sega's patent, we do recognize that Sega's lawsuit could restrict choices in gaming from here on out as well as hindering the growth of the game industry.

We'll update you on the status of this case as it unfolds.

[source gonintendo.com, via kotaku.com]