At long last it arrives

Just days ahead of the Wii U launch in the US, Google has announced today that it has launched the official YouTube app for the Wii. For the time being, the app will only be available in North America, but Google has plans to bring it to other countries soon.

The app has previously been available on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, and has been announced as a partner for the Wii U. It isn't known whether this will be a launch application or not - but lets hope it doesn't take several years, like its predecessor. YouTube support on the Wii was promised what feels like a lifetime ago.

Are you surprised the app has taken this long to arrive on the Wii? Will you be downloading it from the Wii Shop Channel today? Let us know below, if you can pull yourself away from videos of cats doing funny dances and that accursed Gangnam Style nonsense.