The Wii U is out in just two days time in North America, and you can already smell the excitement in the air. Drunk on the 'new console' fever, it seems that people have been getting a bit anxious thinking they may not secure their console for the holiday season. We reported that Wii U pre-orders were selling out quickly, and at one point, GameStop had closed pre-orders altogether across its US stores.

It comes as no surprise that GameStop has revealed that there are over 1.2 million preorders for Wii U games, alongside sitting on 500,000 consoles allocated for consumers across the nation. The good news is that this puts the software ratio for the Wii U at 2.4 games for each console sold, which is double that of the Wii at launch.

The top preorders for the console are Zombie U, Super Mario Bros. UAssassin’s Creed 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Scribblenauts Unlimited.

We're really hoping that the Wii U won't experience a shortage of supply like the Wii did at launch, so please tell us you have your pre-orders in already!