If you watched last week's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation you'll know that at the end there was a special GameCenter CX segment featuring none other than Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

For those of you that don't know, GameCenter CX (known in the west as Retro Game Master) is a TV show starring Shinya Arino, who plays through some of Japan's most popular video games in each episode - a process which produces some hilarious results, especially when he's playing something as hard as Ninja Gaiden. A DS game based on the show entitled GameCenter CX: Arino's Challenge was released a few years ago - it was localised in North America as Retro Game Challenge.

The segment on the Nintendo Direct broadcast saw Iwata answer a series of questions, the most interesting of which related to game development. Iwata worked at HAL before becoming Nintendo President, and seems keen to get coding again - if his busy schedule permits:

Iwata: If I had the time, I would love to. If I put aside my duties as company president to work on games, I believe it would inconvenience many people. I am resisting.

Arino: What if you spent an hour every day making an Famicom-class game?

Iwata: Games can be purchased as online downloads now. They create new opportunities. A single individual can then create and release their own games. Yes, it may be my chance.

The video is well worth watching, and features lots of [LAUGHS] as well. Enjoy!

[source nintendoworldreport.com, via youtube.com]